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Founded by salespeople for salespeople, marketeers and buyers

Exceed buyer expectations   |   Exceed your competition

Christian Stegmüller - Salesman - Founder & CEO

"We transform the painful aspects of sales into an exciting experience for all parties involved."

Christian Stegmüller Founder & CEO

Munich, Germany

Self-funded 💪, without VC 

R&D Intensity ratio:
97% (yes, really that high)

Main Resource:

Point of View:
End Customer's Perspective

USPs for our Customers

Core Values:
Empathy & Trust

Buyer Excitement Automation, 100% SaaS

Most Important:
Best Team! ❤️


Once upon a PowerPoint presentation was sent by e-mail...

Maxxeed's Founder and CEO Christian has worked in Tech Sales for 20 years. First as Account Manager and then as VP Sales in the Content Management, Enterprise Search and Document AI sector.

For him, an in-depth discovery followed by a tailored solution approach with business impact is only the foundation for success. 

His goal:
🎯 To exceed buyer expectations at every stage of the SalesCycle. 

His problem:
❌ Sales is one of the most important departments, but unfortunately also the least supported one. Sales has to focus all departments towards the customer and the tool support ends at the departmental boundaries. With the tools available, he was only able to achieve the aforementioned goal with a lot of additional effort. He was blocked and he knew many felt the very same way. The technologies and the well-known "sales enablement tools" and "deal rooms" did not change this.

👉 To differentiate himself from the competition, it's not enough for him to just do something better. He wants to be fundamentally different and surprise his customers and buyers from the first contact with solutions and activities that impress.

How can you differentiate yourself from the competition if you use the same communication and presentation options?

Christian knew there had to be a better way and decided to use his 20 years of experience to develop a brand new solution. He worked with a team of professionals and together they developed what became the foundation for today's Maxxeed. 

✔️ We focus on efficiency and the new reality in relationship between sales and customers. Cross-departmental and automated to excite everyone involved. 




Maxxeed has been honored with the R&D seal of the Research Allowance Certification Office (BSFZ). The BSFZ is part of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The BSFZ seal confirms Maxxeed's exceptional and innovative research and development (R&D) capabilities in AI-powered Marketing and Sales Solutions.

R&D seal of the Research Allowance Certification Office - BSFZ
Maxxeed logo and trademark


The Maxxeed brand and the `all is lost` moment...

Maxxeed is made up of maximize, succeed, exceed, proceed, need and speed. Our brand is composed of what we deliver with the technology.

👉 Everything we do, we do for the customer. Everything, every idea and capability of the Maxxeed platform is validated and optimized with customers and aligned with their needs. We have also done this with our company and product trademark "Maxxeed".

We had possible brand names evaluated by an international team. Among 36 alternatives, Maxxeed was rated twice as good as the second-placed "Advant". Wow 🤩!

Weeks later, we learned rather by accident that our brand collided with a trademark of one of the largest companies in the world. Even the software-based trademark research did not identify this trademark. It was clear to us: That's it for our great name that we've already taken so much to heart 😢.
Nevertheless, we contacted them, had conversations and the unbelievable was agreed: A coexistence 😍! Even the people in charge of this company said that this is an extraordinary result. 

💡 Did you notice that the two X's in maXXeed each have a small space in the middle?
This is a tribute to our great developers who breathe life into the product ideas. Developers know these angle brackets from HTML code, for example.

💡 Btw. maxXeeD > XD is an emoticon commonly used to symbolise happiness.

💡 Have you ever rotated the logo a little to the right? Then you see a (sales or marketing) funnel. If you turn the logo further 180 degrees it will remind you of a (data) extraction. Back in the original position it shows a megaphone distributing content und messages.

This is all very cool and we love it 💖!

Admittedly, we already paid attention to a lot of little things when it comes to the logo and brand. Aren't you curious what exciting things are waiting for you in the software?