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Leading your market.

Your AI Autopilot to supercharge revenue without additional leads, salespeople, or extra effort.
Exceed your buyers expectations with a fascinating and personalized Digital Sales Room.
Build high-value relationships fast. 

Just answer two questions and make the magic happen - within 30 seconds.

How does it work?

The AI Autopilot rewards with a buyer-centric Showroom, personalized content combined with next level buyer excitement. 

Sit back and get copy, images, layout, proven sales methodology and much more.

Win Deals with the competitive edge that salespeople need and buyers love.

Faster than reading this webpage | Free forever

"I simply name my new prospect and select his use case. That's pretty cool."

"The Assistant works great as a playbook for discovery."

"AI adoption couldn't be easier."

Maxxeed Software built for buyers

Built for your Buyers

The 'dance floor' for you and your customer: The Showroom

  • Centralized: Everything important in one place.
  • Simple: WhatsApp-like communication similar to everyday private life.
  • Clear: Easily accessible, perfectly organized content.
  • Personal: Team introduction and direct accessibility of everyone involved.
  • Goal-oriented: Guiding buyers on a clear path to success.
  • Transparent: An always up-to-date source of truth.
  • Intelligent: Automated personalized content and news.
  • Efficient: Easy sharing and collaboration in the buying center.
  • Secure: High standards for data protection, security, and access control.

Provide a smooth, consistent and inspiring B2B Buyer Experience.

Help your buyers buy their vision.

Choose individual Showrooms

Branding and building blocks like digital business cards, welcome, summary, value proposition, gallery, customer map, success plan and much more.

Leave it to your competition to bore potential customers with emails and attachments. Demonstrate appreciation and take the leadership with buyer-focused Showrooms.

Communicate with your buyers

A question, message, or conversation always has a context. Open the dialogue in context. Offer communication as everyone knows it from their private everyday life.

Be the one who makes this amazingly easy for your buyers.

Provide eye-catching galleries

Are you still sending links in the text and files as attachments in your emails? Free yourself from the shackles of technology. Your buyer is interested in the individual information and your task is to make it attractive.
The example shows how files and links can be represented. 

Be the one who offers an information-centric experience to your current and future customers.  

Put the spotlight on the right things

How does your buyer actually know what is important in the current phase? By the date of your email, for example?

Give current, important information a special place.

Stand out in every phase of the buyer's journey with the right information in a central location.

Provide eye-catching galleries

Your customer doesn't buy your service, product, or solution. Your customer and their stakeholders only ever buy the individual benefit that your service, product, or solution delivers.

Be the one to highlight the individual value for each stakeholder - in a way that will be memorable.

"Everything that matters, simplified."

"Clarity with every click."

Built for Sales

Create impressive Showrooms for your current and future buyers in seconds with AI.

  • Autopilot for customized copy, images and proven sales methodology.
  • Reuse of customer scenarios and use cases. 
  • All sales content in one central place.
  • Automated Showrooms based on CRM data.
  • Improvements and content updates based on buyer needs.
  • Direct, context-specific communication with your buyers. 
  • Ready-to-go layouts for different information.
  • Ready-to-use in the entire Sales Cycle, After-Sales and Customer Success.
  • Share Showrooms publicly or protected for groups and individual people.
  • Receive notifications about activities.
  • Easy copy of successful Showrooms including sales enablement templates.

Get more time and focus on your sales strategy, relationship building and engagement - we take care of the Fluid Sales Motion and your tools.

Maxxeed Software built for salespeople
Introduce your Team

With just one click you can show other team members to your buyers. The digital business cards are a small showroom of a person and offer various possibilities to get in touch.

Be the one who builds trust right from the start with transparency and personality.

Make the information worth watching

Easily add custom content and information to the showroom. Extraordinary and impressive. 

You choose the content or accept suggestions, the showroom does all the rest. 

Use attractive web links

The Showroom creates a magnificent user experience. To achieve this, for example, web links are enriched, beautified and presented in an appealing way. 

Show the road to success!

Good salespeople have a closing plan. The best ones collaborate and agree on this with their buyers and leave the presentation to the showroom. This makes it clear to everyone involved how the road to the finish looks like. 

Be the one who leads everyone to success with a mutual action plan. 

Interactive Mutual Action Plan - Screenshot

"We help our champions to sell internally, even if we are not there."

Maxxeed Software built for marketing

Built for Marketing

Use Showrooms to generate leads, provide sales with the information they need, and see how the content is used.

  • Single source of truth for marketing and sales content.
  • Content intelligence to identify the appropriate audience.
  • Automated updating of content.
  • Centralized news and events for all showrooms.
  • Performance monitoring of content.
  • Quality check for communication and presentation.
  • Showrooms for the attract and engage phase, campaigns and lead nurturing.
  • Interlinking of sales and marketing (performance teams, account planning, account-based marketing).
  • Handover to the sales based on the phase and maturity.
  • Real-time insights of sales engagement with customers.

Ensure a consistently high quality of corporate, product, service and value communication.
Set up sellers for success.

Use the library for marketing and sales content

Upload documents and information. Maxxeed starts with the enrichment. The content finds the appropriate showrooms. As a result, marketing and sales content itself takes care of their use. From now on, they are an active part of the value creation and excitement.

Its a data play.

The platform intelligently combines buyer data with other sources of information. Utilize existing data from your sales & marketing tech stack, such as CRM, to create and optimize Showrooms. Enrich Showrooms with market data for a holistic experience for your current and future customers. 

Your Buyers are multichannel users.

Then give them an omnichannel experience! Showrooms are optimized for desktop and mobile, and interactions across channels are connected end-to-end. Depending on their choice, your target audience can communicate via mail, chat or voice.

Knowledge must be accessible - in context, always and everywhere.

Maxxeed is the single source of truth of all information for sales reps and for your buyers. 

As a salesperson, you learn from practice and in the context of your sales opportunities. Your current and future customers get all the information they need in the stunning Showroom, depending on what stage they are in.

Build for Speed

Deal or Contact from CRM.

Buyer Excitement & Fluid Sales Motion. 

Next Level B2B Buyer Experience.

Build for Success

Sales Team that is happy about common success

Times change. Your customers' expectations are always evolving.

Maxxeed aligns all sales relevant departments from sales enablement, demand generation, sales, marketing, solution engineering, customer success to professional services.

Sales content and interactions will be more efficient, more targeted, more advanced and exceed the expectations of your target audience.

Communicate and present your products and services to buyers in an innovative and inspiring way from the first touch.

Being fundamentally different and better than your competition will result in higher close rates, increased deal size, shorter sales cycles and more revenue.

"We requested information from vendors and expected emails. Your showroom was a surprise to all of us. You made quite an impression with that."

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